Star Trek Away Missions House of Duras expansion

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This is an expansion from the Klingon faction. This time they are a family group trying to find power and worth in amongst their Race. These sisters won’t stop to stoop at much to reach their aims and objectives, this makes them a dangerous risky team to run… and yet oddly fun. With all the bad bits of what makes them tick as part of their rough and edgy race, yet with seemily none of the better trace elements mixed in.  Unlike normal Klingons they are after wealth just as much as honour.
Whereas most Klingons are honourable, these sisters and their nephew, Toral,  have hired bodyguard and an assasin. The assasin is great for taking out opponents, while the bodyguard can protect Toral as he seeks to gain honour fulfilling objectives.  Sisterly love runs deep and if needs be one sister can rescue the other.
Have fun ruling this team and in helping them in finding their goals in Star Trek Away Missions .  You can buy this expansion at: