Lords of Waterdeep

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This game from Wizards of the Coast is part of the D&D world, set in Waterdeep (funny enough) also known as the City of Splendours you play as one of the Lords who run the City (randomly chosen at the beginning of the game) each Lord gives you bonus points for different parts of the […]

The Broken Token Firefly Crate

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This Crate adds a lot to the gaming experience, as well as speeding up set up and set down by having handy removable trays for the tokens, it helps with the one flaw in this otherwise amazing game, Space (not outer space but physical table space) Let’s be honest once set up it takes up […]

Disney Codenames

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This version of Codenames is a masterpiece, not only can you still play a great game, but also use either the picture side or the word side of the tiles with an appeal that only Disney can give. Whether you remember the classics like Dumbo or Bambi or are into the more modern Frozen or […]

Dixit and Dixit Odyssey

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Dixit is a great game to play for 3-6 players (Dixit Odyssey allows 3-12 players), but is especially great when playing against newbie board game players. This is because the play is very uncomplicated, the players take turns picking one of their cards to give a clue on, the clue can be a word or […]

Review of Carcassonne Safari

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I am a big fan of Carcassone and have several versions of it. So was interested to see how different this was from the others. This edition plays in some of the same ways as the original, but the differences are profound. The scoring is completely different… I,ll explain the tiles first. The different land […]

Firefly Adventures: Brigands and Browncoats

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Firefly Adventures, Brigands and Browncoats, by Gale Force 9 This cooperative game was released as an anniversary game to run alongside Firefly Board game, where as the original game deals with exploring the Verse in your space ships, this game puts you into the action of the missions with your characters miniatures. I am a […]