Starfarers of Catan Duel

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This is an amazing game, not only do you have a stand alone game, you have a fun two player version of a great game. This has a beautiful board for each player. You have to gain knowledge of the area of the universe you are exploring and gain the resorces needed to win with the usual ten points before your opponent gets their ten points. 
There was only one mistake I spotted, that was the dice which was a d6 not a d3. The eggheads at Catan did spot it fast and by the time you read this may have fixed the Dice problem. If you have on original copy with an orange D6, then contact the very helpful People on the Asmode games email and they will fixit for you. Meanwhile with the d6 1-3 is as rolled but 4-6 are 1-3 for resources and to explore one of four piles.
The planets that you explore are in piles with asteroid belts, Pirates, chances to buy or sell resources to attain your quota to do what you need to win. This is not a complex game in any way, in fact it is a lot more like a cross over of basic Catan and Starfarers of Catan but with no base planet map or even no solar system map. I enjoyed it a lot as did the person I played. 
If you want a quick game with a friend this is ideal! I recomend this game highly. You can order this from us at: