Star Trek Away Missions Q Organised Play Kit

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Up to 10 Players in 4 Player Away Mission game!
Yes you read correctly Q has entered the Game and as you might expect things get more interesting with him around!  This is no longer just a four player game, but now is up to ten player per game. You can play as a league over four weeks or as a four game tournament. As you play extra bits are handed out to players
Q was one of the most interesting yet powerful creatures on Star Trek. It is only right that he changes the game in such an interesting way. You can’t really be a fan of Star Trek The Next Generation without some knowledge of how powerful and chaotic he is.
Before you play, read up on each game to make sure you get it out correctly.
Round 1 “Just Playing with Q”
At the start of the game shuffle three Immortal Q cards and add the effects for the rest of the round, remember to collect up the cards as you will need them for the next game!
Round 2 “Q-liens”
Each player has three Q-liens and gets bonus points ech time they cause damage on enemies.
Round 3 “Deja Q”
Another round where the effects are played but so are the tokens. You gain the benefits as you play.
Round 4 “Ex=Q-s Me”
As well as the usual Away Team members each player gets a Q Miniture to play this mission with. Have fun.
After this game the Q’s can be played in other fun games, so you have so much more fun in the future to look forward to.  You can order this at: