Aliens expansion We’re in the Pipe, Five by Five

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This expansion opens up certain areas of the game by quite a large margin,  it does this by amongst other things adding the pilot and co-pilot of the Sulaco’s dropship. They have to stay alive and get the craft to the survivors with out any aliens boarding them and surviving while doing so.
This game also adds four new Alien types and figures, they are the Brute, the Guard, the Scout and the Skulker. These new Aliens will make the game that much harder to survive, and hopefully that much more fun to get around without being eaten.
 What makes this a great expansion is that there are also two added missions to get through alive,  You have two point five hase and three if you can. As usual with this game it gives you the fear when you are runninng around trying to work together to survive (if you can). A noise? Where did that come from? Is it safe to carry on, or should you change dirrection.
Have fun with this expansion…. If you can survive that long?