Star Trek Away Missions Federation Captain Picard expansion

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Star Trek Away Mission Captain Picard This is Picards chance to get in and fix the large amount of damage he created as Locutus of Borg.

So he returns to the place of Battle of Wolf 359 to see what he can achieve through deplomacy and try and talk his way into his enemies good books. Doing mutual beneficial deals that benefit them as well as you. And of course he can always use a cup of Earl Grey Tea!

In this expansion he is backed by Beverly Crusher, Geordi Le Forge, Deanna Troi and Wesley Crusher. With these characters come some unique abbilities like Deannas’ Empath ability, Westley has a Traveler Ability which gives him a lot of advanteges and Picards diplomacy skill. These all come in wonderful use during your game.

Have fun trying to right the wrongs Picard created as one of the Borg through his diplomatic voice skills. You’ll need it! Order it at: