Ahoy Kitten

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So as a cat lover I love all things cats and therefore when this game came onto my radar I was all for trying it out.
I was not disappointed – the box is very basic but for me that means less complexity and what we call in our gaming circle as a “warm up” game or indeed easy for kids to play also so a family game. It is for 2 – 6 players – although there is a 2 player variant due to the style of the game.

The aim of the game is to get the most fish (sets preferably) and the odd white fish. Player with the most points gets the victory (who knew?). In order to get the fish you count to 3 and you point at the ocean tile with the fish you wish to take. However, it is not always that simple as the other pirates maybe after the same fish as you and then you get none – good day. 
In the 1st round after the count of 3 everyone points at an ocean tile they wish to take. From the 2nd round and onwards you are able to point at another player’s character and steal the fish from them or hide your own fish so no-one can steal them. 
So if you point at a tile no one else is and no one is protecting their fish you get to take that pool of fish and add to your juicy collection. If more then one person is pointing at the same tile you all get nothing – same if it was a person’s tile. So no ganging up on one person as means you won’t get anything and that person could be stealing from you!!
The game ends when there are no more fish in the bag and you finish that round and then get up all those yummy fish.
We played this 2 player so had a slight variant but still great fun and scoring was based on your victory points so means you had to think about which paw…sorry hand pointed at what.
We both enjoyed the game’s clever mechanic and it was a very quick 10 minute game for 2 people and with 6 people I imagine it could get very silly and a lot of fish flying around. My cat addiction has been satisfyingly fed and a lovely addition to our game collection.