Apiary board game by Stonemaier Games

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It was a rainy Sunday afternoon when I tried this game out with two of my friends, I could only hope that the game was more fun than the weather outside. The three of us played the game with the help of he teaching guide and appendix, with a very helpful how to video from Youtube. As we played the game we really enjoyed the whole time together.
It is a beautiful game in its play and the exquisite pieces that make it what it is.  We were all very pleased with the feel of the game and once we finished my mate Mike also loved the way it packed back away beautifully back in the box afterward.  This is a game that I would rate as one of the best from Stonemaier and that is saying something! The fact that I thought that this played better than Scythe or Wingspan says it all. I think this could be the best game I have played all year!
You share a queen bee ship which you use to move around and explore the planets and that is only one of the ways to gain victory points, which is how you win this game (with Victory points) There are so many ways to gain these points as you collect resources and spend them to build farms tiles, Carving tiles, recruite tiles and developmpment tiles. You have worker ships which have numbers on thier sides to let you keep a talley of levels for them as they go up (and down and the benefits do likewise). There are a load of resourscs to collect and spend while douing your building.
There is also Queen’s Favour to gain or lose to gain even more points and many other ways to gain victory points including bonus points on loads of seed cards as well as the huge amount of other benefits gained from them. This is a well ballenced fun way to spend an afternoon, even if it is awful outside it wont affect the bees in space!
This is a game that I would recomend adding to your list of games, It is maybe not for beginers but it isn’t too complex to play either.  It can be played between 1 and 5 players with an average game length of 60-90 minutes.
Have Fun!