Star Trek Away Mision Commander Sela Romulan Expansion

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You can play the game now as Sela and her team of Romulans, Exploring the wreckage to try to achieve your teams objective and overcome or dodge the Borg. With this expansion you get the choice to play the game with the usual two or even with three or four players (you will need a 2nd exapnsion for this last option)
While the Klingons we looked at in a previous blog are about getting up close and fighting your opponents, the Romulans are the opposite.  As you would expect they use logic and reasoning to gain intel on their opposition rather than fighting their way through.  
They start with five characters instead of four giving you more actions and mean you can take on more missions.  If you are going into battle then try and double up to get a bonus backup die to make up for your poor attack skills.  Later on in the game you will be able to use a syy network or an ambush to take out even the strongest opponent caught unawares.
By completing missions you can gain intel token which act as a boost to event cards and allow you extra tricks like an extra defence die just when you need it.    While you want to keep out of the way of Klingons and focus on gaining intel at the beginning, you can’t afford to leave the Federation to their own work, a well timed feedback surge or a sabotaged terminal will soon put them of their stride.   The Borg can be hardest to defeat for the Romulans as they have plenty of numbers and are equally skilled technically.  

If you are a fan of Star Trek and this game in particular then this expansion is a must as it gives you another way to play the game with a different faction.  You can order it at: