Dune Expansion Ecaz and Moritani

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Dune the game this rerelease was waited for many years and now has its third house Expansion. the Ecaz and Moritani are the two newly added houses.
The Ecaz are ruled by Archduke Armend Ecaz, who is well respected and keen to strengthen his houses standing by forging lasting alliances.  The Mortitani on the other hand are led by the Cunning Viscount Hundro Moritani, a ruthless ruler who doesn’t hesitate to use terror to get his aims and will happily use Assassination, sneak attacks and sabotage to achieve his objectives.
There are also new game Mechanics added in this expansion, Home worlds allow you to attack raids on other factions and destroy their stockpiles. If you do not wish to join an alliance you can gain special effects from nexus cards.  Also there are now Discovery tokens to add more to the game that you may have bypassed and that usually don’t see much action.
Now there you are even more reason to replay Dune  and you can order this expansion at: https://www.bgextras.co.uk/dune-ecaz-and-moritani-house-expansion-i6348.htm