Expeditions (sequel to Scythe board game

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This game was a surprise to me and my friends that I played it with. It is won on a points system like Scythe and Scythe money is used to count the points at the end, but there are only a few more similarities between this and Scythe.
This game is set ten years after Scythe and a large meteorite has crashed and changed the feel of everything. You are now an explorer of the Cold North. In all it is very much it’s own game and very fun to play. You move with Mechs the same as Scythe/  However, you all share the workers, which come in five colours, meaning that if you run out of a certain colour it is hard luck on anyone else who wanted it. You can create items to your base card and they will give you bonuses each time you build one (up to four items unless your mech says five) these are added up at the end of the game. You can also merge meteorites to the bottom of your card and you get the bonuses straight away.
In Scythe there are six stars to place out to get more points, in this game there are only four. You play until the first person puts his fourth star on the mat but then unlike in Scythe, you all including them have one more go. It is highly probable that they may not win as there are a lot of points to get out there.
This is a fun game which I personally liked more than Scythe, one of my friends preferred Scythe (She really is a big fan) but said she would very happily play this game again. So if you enjoyed Scythe then you should enjoy this game which is both faster on set up and faster in the Playing mode as well but even if you didn’t enjoy Scythe so much you may enjoy this game.

You can order the base version at: https://www.bgextras.co.uk/expeditions-board-game-i6102.htm

Or if you prefer metal to plastic mechs the Iron Clads version at: https://www.bgextras.co.uk/expeditions-iron-clads-version-i6103.htm