Star Trek Away Mission Chancellor Gowron Klingon Expansion

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This  is the four member team from the Klingons led by (funny enough) Chancellor Gowron. You can play this team in a straight forward two player game or with the included rules you can play as a three player or with the other expansion even play this as a four player game!

So can you play this game to achieve your objectives or is this a good day to die! Of course being Klingons this is never a good day to be assimilated. There is a new selection of objectives just for the Klingons. While you could try to take commander the ship, surely it would be more honourable to take on foes hand to hand. Just shooting your opponents is not enough to gain honour, you need to look them in the eye and defeat them up close.

This is easier said than done, as the Borg will if you are not careful assimilate you, losing you not just the chance of honour but a valuable team member, remember you only have 4 and they get a new drone! Meanwhile if playing the pesky Federation they will seek to dishonourably stun you from a distance, while the sneaky Romulans slip away just when you think you’ve got them cornered.

Playing with the Klingons can be hard work but is a lot of fun and you can order this expansion at:

There is also a Klingon dice packs for the expansions, They come at amazingly low prices, Well worth the money so you don’t have to use your opponents dice: