Everdell Spirecrest2nd edition

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Everdell is one of the most beautiful games, from its magnificent tree to its sweet meadowed woodland. It doesn’t matter the season, each is depicted beautiful. This is also a great game to play with others or on your own as well. It has a wonderful complexity that is awesome. (I think you can tell that I rate this game highly)   Spirecrest is one of the well-designed expansions that has just been reprinted.

What does it add I hear you ask; well, it adds a lot that makes the game more interesting to play and still be amazingly beautiful to behold at the same time. There are weather cards which you can play that make each season more difficult to play. (Like In Autumn each card you play could costs you one more resource to play) There are a selection of each season so it means it will be different for each game. Also, because of the way the game plays one of you might be in summer and another player in Autumn so you each are playing with different card rules against you.


As the book rule says ” Far beyond the comfortable boundaries of the Everdell valley, deep into the mysterious and uncharted lands, adventure is waiting to be discovered. Ancient ruins? Critters from foreign lands? Giants? Gather your traveling supplies and your courage and get ready for a daring journey through the mountains of Spirecrest.”

There are also forty-two discovery cards, twelve weather cards, one mountain board, thirty map tiles, six foxes, six moles, six owls, six lizards, four frog ambassadors, fifteen rabbit travellers, eight big critters, eight saddles, some more tokens and one rule book.

Now as you may have guessed by that contents list, the second edition is a reprint of the collector’s edition.  Rather than have a basic retail version and a collector’s version of this expansion, they are now just having the one second edition of this expansion.

Discovery cards allow you to discover intrepid new critters and locations on your journey.  Each season will give you an option of 3 discovery cards to choose from.  A few of these give you big critters, which we’ll come on to in a minute, the other cards may give you an extra action location to trigger, bonus victory points or an added power.   These may help you to compensate to some degree for the negative effects of the weather, then again they may not.

The Big Critter cards give you the use off a (yeh you guessed it) a Big Critter like Truffle the boar who not only can you ride but gives you the benefit of gaining an extra resource and an extra card for your hand. Each Big Critter gives you a different bonus, which is fun.

So if you are ready to make Everdell that bit more interesting and difficult then you can order this at: https://www.bgextras.co.uk/everdell-spirecrest-2nd-edition-i5944.htm