Dark Rock Ventures

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darkrock venturesDarkrock Ventures is a worker placement game about mining and exporting in a hostile outer space. Players will be controlling a mining company working in harsh conditions to acquire the most credits.

In Darkrock Ventures, each player is in control of their very own small, independent, deep-space asteroid mining ship and a skeleton crew. Each mining venture will receive corporates sponsorship through the Darkrock Ventrues Deep-Space mining consortium and will be given its own unique advantages as they set out on their task of extracting as much of the valuable metal ore from the asteroid as they can in the shortest amount of time possible.

A round begins with rolling a set of Power Dice, these are community dice that players will usedarkrock ventures boardgame in order to successfully mine the asteroid. Players then take turns placing workers throughout different space stations and on a mineral rich asteroid. As soon as players begin exporting minerals, hostile alien ships begin patrolling and will attack every round making it more difficult to resolve all the workers successfully. Throughout the game, players will be increasing their worker count, gaining and spending credits (which are the victory points), gaining additional Rig Dice and acquiring explosive Neutronium bombs to protect them from the alien attacks. When 3 of the 6 resource nodes on the asteroid are void of minerals the end of the game is triggered. The round is finished and the player with the most credits wins the game.

Dark Rock Ventures can be played with between 1-5 players aged 14+ in an estimated playing time of 30-45 minutes. Available here.


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