Traders & Builders Carcassonne Expansion

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Add new elements of gameplay to Carcassonne by being able to trade and build with this second expansion pack to increase the challenge and fun when playing this game with friends. New “Trade” tiles are introduced to the existing pack of tiles from the original game – Wine, Grain and Cloth. When a player draws […]

South Seas Carcassonne Edition

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The South Seas edition of Carcassonne is part of a new series “Around the World” – allowing players to further discover the world and introduce new elements to the gameplay. In this new world there are clear blue waters flowing around many islands all connected by a network of bridges. Those inhabiting these islands collect […]

Winter Has Arrived in Carcassonne

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Snow arrives in this Winter edition of Carcassonne. You continue playing the game as before in building the area around the city, one tile at a time and placing followers on fields, cities, roads and monasteries. These followers will respectively become farmers, knights, thieves and monks. The game uses the same 72 tiles, except these […]