Inns & Cathedrals Carcassonne Expansion

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Inns & Cathedrals Carcassonne Expansion ContentsThis is the first expansion pack for Carcassonne allowing you to expand the gameplay with inns, cathedrals, mega meeples, new point scoring tiles and to introduce a 6th player. At the start of the game each player receives a new meeple – a Mega Meeple! This is a larger meeple than the rest of your meeples and allows you to double your chances of controlling a city, road or farm. Thereby giving you an advantage when there is a possibility of another city, road or farm joining yours. Providing that opposition player is using a normal meeple only, you (if it joins) will take control and claim the points!

New tiles, inns and cathedrals, are introduced to play along with the existing pack of tiles from the original game. When a player picks up a tile with an inn on it this doubles the value of a road being built. Although only once completed, otherwise no points are scored (unlike when building a road without an inn on it). When a player picks up a tile with a cathedral on it this triples the value of a city – again only once completed, otherwise no points are scored (unlike when building a city without a cathedral). This can become quite nerve racking, when you have played these tiles, it’s near the end of the game and you’ve yet to complete them. Can you get lucky and pick out the right tile you need to complete just in time!!

To make point scoring much easier to track new 50 point scoring tiles are introduced – one per player is available.

Finally you can now play with up to 6 players, previously the limit was 5 players. An extra set of meeples are provided, this increasing the fun and challenge by having more players in the game.

Can you use your Mega Meeple wisely and complete your road and cities in time when playing Inns & Cathedrals? Available to buy here

Please note this will require the original board game to be able to use this expansion pack.

Want even more friends to play with? Extra player packs are available here


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