Time To Go Back To The Stone Age

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Stone Age Board Game available from Board Game ExtrasIn the Stone Age board game we go back to the dawn of mankind, where our ancestors were hunters, collectors, farmers and tool makers. This is a worker placement game like Agricola and Village, where you send workers out to do certain jobs for you. In this game, players represent tribes where they have up to 10 tribe members to use across these roles in 3 phrases:

Phrase 1 – players place their tribesmen in regions of the board to their strategic plan that they think will benefit their tribe. This includes such areas as the fields, the hunt, the trading centre and or the quarry. You also have the option to grow your tribe so you have more players in future rounds or build up your farm to make feeding easier.

Phrase 2 – players (one by one in turn) then undertakes activities in those areas when they have placed their tribesmen. In this phrase, just like our ancestors, you’ll collect resources – wood, stone and gold. Over time as you accumulate these resource you’ll be able to trade them and develop your tribe to achieve new levels of civilisation. Whilst being able to improve how you undertake these hard working tasks.

Phrase 3 – feeding time! This is a key part of the gameplay – where you’re competing with players to ensure you have enough food to be able to feed your tribe, otherwise you’ll lose valuable resources or even points! This is made more difficult as you grow your tribe as there are additional mouths to feed  however, building up your farm can help with this.

The winner is who has the most points accumulated at the end of the game. If you’ve previously played Agricola, then this is an easier game to get your head round.  The game is for 2 to 4 players, ages 10 upwards, with average game taking 90 mins. The game plays well whether there are just 2 of you going head to head, as well as when 3 or 4 players playing.

Are you ready to go back to the Stone Age when times were much harder? Available here

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