Everdell Newleaf Expansion

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As usual there is so much in this one expansion for Everdell, it always feels like there are half a dozen expansions in each one, the simple reason for this is that is what you are getting. You can add any one of the expansions that you want or none at all if it is someone’s first playing of the game and you want to keep it simple.
So you can add the two new basic events cards if wanted, or add the four new critter choices the cats, the bats, the snails or the honeybees, I always add these as a choice at the beginning of the game as I like the bigger choice selection (of course there are also the frog ambassadors and rabbit travellers if you are playing their respective expansions).
There are Newleaf critter cards that have different rules for playing them, In the top right of the new critter card there is a word saying “any” and a symbol (like the green leaf symbol) You can place the critter on any of this type of structure but you must place a gold placement maker as you can only have three of these for each player in the game.

There is also a large selection of cards you can add to your Critter and construction deck, there are 32 new visitor cards that can be used to spice up the game. There is also the new train track which can add so much more choice of critter and structure cards, there are new way to gain resources and so much more, so get your train ticket and make sure you don’t miss the train to Newleaf.

You can order this at: https://www.bgextras.co.uk/everdell-newleaf-i5945.htm