Everdell Mistwood

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This is yet another great expansion for Everdell. It not only has three units that can be played in the normal way, but also has a mode that means you can play it as a one or two player game. If you have not played or read about the main game, I recommend doing so now.
There is a building type in the game called a Farm, this is a basic building type that with this expansion you can swap them out for a set that can add so much more building opportunities to the game and once built will add a whole lot of resource to your pool.
You can play the legendary cards (this is not recommended if you are new to Everdell or not sure how the game works and then only if you want to add a twist to how the game works. These are great as they don’t add to your card limit, they can be used to replace certain cards written in red on your Legendary card during the game for a heap of saved resources.
There are also Corrin Everdell cards which can be added to gain even more cool benefits to the game. Any or all of these can be added to the main game without playing the Nightweaver’s add on./
Last but far from least there is the Nightweaver, a brand-new villainess for Everdell. She can take the cards you were going for as she builds her city, she will play nasty cards that will stuff you over, in short she will make your game a spidery hell (honestly in a fun way).