Star Trek Away Misions core set

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This game was a surprisingly good game, then again games by Gale Force 9 are usually exceptionally good with the feel of the original tv series, this is no exception.  Funny enough this game is away missions of the crew of the Enterprise D (Picard’s ship) you get to lead your way as Riker’s team after the battle of  Wolf 359 has crushed the only fleet in between Earth and assimilation by the Borg.
Their’s is also the only chance to save Captain Pickard from his time as Locutus the Borg.  You get to visit the wreckage and look for information that will save the Earth. Or you join Locutus of Borg and the Borg collective to assimilate your opposition. As I have said, this is a good game, and yes this is a two player game but there are already two expansions out that mean you can play this as a three or even a four player game, each of you trying to get what you can from the wreck more about those in a future blog.
I have heard some complaints that the figures are a bit cartoony and they are, but this took nothing away from the game play for me or my friend.  It makes it easier to see which character is which and you can read more about their design decision at:
I think this game is amazing and good value for money at a time when everything seems to be going up in price.  You can order at: