Tapestry expansion Fantasies and Futures

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This expansion comes in a new Eco pack to save on the environment, which is both good and bad. Good for the environment and not so good if you like the protection of a box for your expansion. The rule book sheets had a little damage but hardly enough to notice so all in all the Eco pack seems to work okay. I of course had only my copy to go on.
The expansion adds some new cards with some cool new rules for them, Some new Civilisation cards and some Advanced City Cards as well. There is a new nifty rule book which covers all of the expansionsit also adds a 2 player variant and an automata rule book.  The Civilisations The new Civilisations are of course from the Fantasy background and can add a lot of interesting Gameplay (you can play as Werefolk or Merfolk) There are a lot that this expansion adds with all its new cards and the fun is of course going to go through the roof, and include the Elders which if played right will gain you a lot of resources. The benefits from all these cards are cool,and will change the game play dramatically.
This is meant to be the end of the Tapestry expansions and this is a great one to go out on. The new expansion fits in the original box so that is also very handy from a storage point of view,  You can order this at: https://www.bgextras.co.uk/tapestry-expansion-fantasies-and-futures-i6137.htm