Marvel Crisis ProtocolHydra Tank Ultimate Encounter

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This week’s blog takes a look at the Marvel Crisis Protocol Hydra Tank Ultimate Encounter and also briefly at the Power Station and Turret released at the same time.
The Marvel Crisis Protocol Hydra Tank Ultimate Encounter is not just a terrain piece but also has ultimate encounter rules, The encounter is called Fire at Will. The booklet comes with the Tank, So get ready for loads and loads of fun. You also get a Character Stat card, a destruction tracker, an Ultimate destruction tracker, 5x tip cards and a token sheet.  
The HYDRA Tank is an armoured vehicle used by HYDRA and upgraded with Chitauri technology following their invasion of Earth. The tank was made by outfitting old Cold War Soviet models with armour panels, sensor arrays, EMP emitters and pulse weapons.
In 2012, after the Battle of New York, the HYDRA infiltrators in S.H.I.E.L.D. got their hands on numerous pieces of the Chitauri tech. Over the next two years, HYDRA‘s scientists managed to reverse engineer the technology and upgrade HYDRA‘s arsenal. One of the armored vehicles made by HYDRA was this tank, armed with advanced cannons that could fire heavy energy blasts.
A number of these were used by HYDRA‘s troops when the Avengers attacked Dr. Jensen’s lab in Port Sudan, Sudan. HYDRA used the tank to shoot down the Avengers’ Quinjet, but the Avengers survived the fall and attacked HYDRA, ultimately winning the battle. Later, several tanks were protecting Baron Strucker’s fortress in Sokovia.
HYDRA‘s hybrid tanks are Russian-made BMP armoured fighting vehicles, upgraded with armour panels, sensor arrays, EMP emitters and powerful Chitauri pulse weapons. The design consists of Gunner’s pericope, advanced custom-built turret, wide double-barrelled cannon and a reactive armour plating. The interior comfortably fits a dozen soldiers.
Also released at the same time are the Hydra Power Station and Turret
Protocol Hydra Power Station
This Hydra Power Station is there so you can set up a scenario for the hero’s to take on, You can have it so that the Turrets are powered by it and you have to get in there and turn them off and keep them off until you take out the turrets. and make it safer to destroy the rest of the Hydra defenders.
The Turret  is an impressive item to have in your scenario. You may even want more in your bag ready to surprise your heroes with. You don’t necessary need the Power Station as well but together they form an intiguing scenario.