Wise Guys board game

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Another great game from Galeforce Nine, a gaming company who keep hitting the correct feeling of the games that they have created which are spot on. With games like the often misunderstood Homeland, or their Dr Who games and all the others of their targeted games some of which we are waiting for a new reprint like Aliens there are a lot that they have to bring to the table. Don’t let this Game be one you miss out on.
This game is set in Chicago during the roaring 20’s during the prohibition, and you play as Gangsters trying to get and then keep hold of your power. So have fun with Gun Running, narcotics and making and selling a lot of alcohol. The question is are you going to play like Scarface aka Al Capone a leader who rules with a lot of fear while trying to keep the people believing you are a modern day Robin Hood, or are you a leader who rules quietly from the background. Whether you’re a political animal or are you just a straight up animal, can you get your mob to do the business it needs to survive with profit or will you get caught up in the system or just plain old getting straight up caught. Always remember it is very important to Pay your taxes.
In this exciting game you get to try to outwit your rivals while not getting outwitted yourself. in this world that Al Capone was a leader in you get to try your mettle. will it be enough, there is only one way to find out.
You will play as one of the original gangs that ruled with an iron fist, don’t let that fist close on you with a horid squeak, Get out there and grab all you can hold, then grab some more. Also don’t forget to schmooze the Mayor or your lackies at City Hall. I mean if the politicians want booze at their parties
they will have to please you.

Don’t forget to add this game to your library, if you don’t you will truly miss out.  Order it at: https://www.bgextras.co.uk/wise-guys-board-game-i5628.htm