Tapestry expansion Arts and Architecture

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Stonemaier Games has done it again, what an expansion! This expansion adds so much to your game, both in components and changes to your game play.
You gain 8 new landmark miniatures
6 Advanced capital city mats
1 Arts Track
20 Masterpiece cards
8 Asymmetrical civilisation mats
5 Landmark cards
20 Tapestry cards
25 Player tokens
3 Landmark tokens
1 Twenty-sided die
20 Inspiration tiles
1 Reference guide
11 Tech cards
1 Rulebook
16 Automa cards
1 Automa rulebook
With the new track and die for arts, it adds so much more choice and depth to your game, add a lot more new components and new game options and you wont know how you ever got on without it. With 5 tracks to go up, you will rarely be able to end all the tracks so need to choose which ones you are going to focus on each game you play. It turns what is a great game with a lot of playability into an awe inspiring game which is both incredibly fun and yet is simple in it’s complexity.
So what are the new masterpiece cards and inspiration tiles mentioned in the contents above?  The masterpiece cards offer new ways to get resources and various benefits that are triggered each income round, and at certain stages along the Arts track.  While you can place this cards anywhere in your player area, the rules sensibly suggest placing the masterpiece cards where the Maker of Fire image is, as this will help you remember to use them during each income round.  If you manage to complete the arts track the final space allows you to trigger up to three different cards which is very useful to gain more resources, have more turns and of course build a higher score. 
The inspiration tiles offer upgrades to your income phase, with more points and resources available for every exposed space. So it makes sense to get these early on so you can use them in more income rounds.  These are placed on your player board where you store buildings before you aquire them. 
If you have Tapestry this is amazing value, especially for all it adds to the game. You can order it at: https://www.bgextras.co.uk/tapestry-expansion-arts-and-architecture-i5340.htm