Pandemic World of Warcraft, Wrath of the Lich King

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Can you and your team of awesome fighters of legend head up into the Northrendand once and for all take care of the atrocious entities known as the Lich Kingand his undead scourge? They have been a bane to blacken the lives of those who abide in the world of Azeroth and need to be neutralised for the benefit of all.

Can you safely navigate your way through his armies of undead and after successfully  completing three quests do you still have the strength and fortitude to get to his stronghold that is the Icecrown Citadel? His bastion of Power is also where youwill find the Lich King himself, now comes the fight to try to end all he stands for.

This game includes: 7 heroes, 36 ghouls, 3 Abominations, 1 Lich King, 2 dice, 1 game board, 7 hero sheets, 10 quest sheets, 63 hero cards, 9 reward cards, 30 Scourge cards, 3 Strongholds,1 Icecrown Citadeland various markers

As with the other Pandemic games this is a co-operative game where you work together. Each of you play a different hero who have different abilities and power cards. Working out the best combination of these to help overcome the odds. Like with normal pandemic you have different difficulty options so you can get a nice feel of the game and still win on easy, before tackling it at more difficult levels for example by having more Strongholds or Scourge Rises cards.

Each turn players can move, quest, fight, rest or flight path or use their heroes special skills and may do a combination of these. If your player is reduced to zero health or there are no guouls to place when one is needed then the game ends in an immediate loss. To prevent this from happening you need to complete the 3 regional qusts, push Arthas back to his citadel and then finish the quest there before this happens.

This game is a fun frolic of a game whether you know the World of Warcraft or not it is still a great game, with some nice looking artwork and minis. The game uses the Pandemic system and creates a new experience each time you play. I was surprised how fun it was and would highly recommend adding it to your Library.

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