Dune, Betrayal

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Dune, Betrayal is by Gale Force Nine and is for 4-8 players
Arakis is a dangerous planet, is it because of the giant Sandworms ,that can swallow you whole and leave no trace? Or is it because of the lack of water which results in dehydration in such a short time?  Of course, it could be the Fremen, who know the desert ways and how to not only survive but having been toughened up by their environment and know how to use the desert as a deadly weapon. No! the reason it is so deadly is because of the greed of those you call friends… sometimes you can be helped by those who you thought were your enemies.
Can you trust those around you? Some work against you and for your enemies but can you work out who to trust and who to attack? Good Luck, you’re going to need it.
This game is a game of bluffing and working out who is bluffing. It is a quick fun game and highly recommended. Well done Gale Force Nine, you have done it again.