7 Wonders Architects

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This is a stand alone game, which really can take about 25mins to play and like the original 7 Wonders game is for 2-7 players, however it is a different gameto the original. The rules are simpler and yet the game is still a lot of fun, I actually enjoyed it more than the original game. There are still 7 Wonders but they are set up differently they also come in well designed protective cases, one per Wonder and an extra one for the tokens, central drawdeck etc.

It still has alot in common with 7 Wonders, there are still battles fought, but there is a gamemechanism that will set off the battles, the Shield cards come in three types on some of them have twobatle horns on them, some have one battle horn and others have no battle horns on them. There are nowconflict tokens which are double sided, a peace side (all pointing up at the begining or if they arereset) or a battle side. Depending how many players there are to how many tokens are used. each timea player pays card with two Battle horns two tokens are turned, if a card with one battle horn isplayed you turn one over if you play a shield card with no Battle horns is played you don’t turnover a token. Once all the tokens are turned to Battle you initiate battle. Each player fights theperson to the left and right of them only. If you have more shields infront of you than your neighbouryou win a 3 victory point token. so there is a maximum two tokens you can win in each battle.

Each wonder has it’s own draw deck in a little holder whch fits in the wonder case. Each deck has 25 cards which you place between you and the player to your left. There is also a central draw deck, On your turnyou can chooses to take either of the decks to your sides which are face up so that you can see your choices,or you can draw a blind card from the middle deck  There are loads of extra bits which play differently likethe science, also  each player has 5 sections to their wonder to build when the first player to finish thierwonder ends the game and the scoring is done.
Each Wonder has it’s own unique special abilities, so make sure you are ready when they activate!

This is a fun quick game! I highly recomend it! You can order it at: https://www.bgextras.co.uk/7-wonders-architects-i5263.htm