AssassinCon by Mayday Games

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This is a surprise of a game, it is a lot more fun than I thought it would be.
Anyone who has attended a convention on a subject that you know well and enjoy knows that it is fun, to talk with others and to learn the little tricks that they know now change the subjects discussed to intrigue, lying and back stabing (no we not talking politicsm but the less seedy world of assassination!) Then you realise that your enemies and competition are here and you have a chance to rid yourself of some foes. (Now where is my silencer?)
Oh yes, someone has tipped you off that you aren’t the only one to think of this and one of your rivals is trying to kill you here as well, but they don’t know who it is.
You have an enemy that you have to sneak attack, but at the same time you need to watch everyone else to work out who is gunning for you. can you survive to booking out time?
Or will someone end your conference early? You can use special weapons in the the convention but at the same time watch out for the sniper in the booth. As well as watch what you touch in case of poison or electrocution.

This is a great little filler game… so if you need to kill time? Then get AssassinCon!  You can order it at: