Starfarers of Catan 5-6 player expansion

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At last there is an expansion to turn this brilliant game into an even better one that can play up to 6 people at once.
What does it add I hear you ask, well this is what’s in the box.



3 sectors which includes the new outpost
10 number discs
4 special tokens
1 friendship marker and stand
2 cockpit markers
20 fame medal pieces
40 additional resource cards
14 overview cards
5 friendship cards
46 player pieces in 2 new colours
2 motherships
8 of each ship upgrade



The other thing it adds is a new rule book for the 5-6 player adaption, which tells you how to play the new variant of the game.
This is a new to Catan for Starfarers play mode, where you have a 1st and 2nd Pilot the 1st Pilot is the first player for that round, where as the third player on the left is called the 2nd Pilot (confused yet?) whom ever is in the 1st Pilot position plays everything as normal on their turn, but the 2nd Pilot just gains the benefit of the 1st Pilots roll (for resources), they can build and they also gain the same movement as 1st Pilot. There is no special build phase as there are in other 5-6 variants.
I am glad to say that this new way of playing works well in keeping the game flowing at a reasonable speed. This is my favourite version of Catan by a long shot!  You can order it at: