Marvel Fluxx Speciality edition

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This is a great little filler game, you can call up your mighty heroes to help you fill your goal.

Alright I’ll give you a bit more about Flux. There are a good number of Flux games out there, they all play quite the same way but not exactly the same way, this means that having more than one type can be a good thing whether it’s Firefly, Star trek (three versions so far, Original, Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and a 4th on the way) Zombie, Fairy Tale (this last one isn’t in my collection, it’s just not me!) or any of the others.

There are a number different cards in Flux, there are

Goal cards: these are the cards that tell you how to way to win the game.

Keepers: these cards are usually items or characters, which you place in front of you.

New Rule: this card adds a rule or changes an existing rule

Action: this card gives you a one use action which is usually powerful

Basic Rule: there is usually only one of these as it is placed at the start and tells you the basic rules

There are also cards that aren’t included in every deck.

Surprise: these cards let you stop someone during there turn. (Not included in this edition)

Creepers: these are usually bad cards to get, but can also win you the game. (Also not in this edition)

Everyone is dealt 3 cards, you have a starting player and then take turns going clockwise, following the basic rules of take a card from the draw deck and then playing a card from your hand, what makes this game fun is that the rules change while you play.

The speciality edition comes with a cool first player marker, which is a coin with Captain America’s shield on one side and comes with seven bonus cards, which are good to have in your deck.  You can order this at:

If you are looking for sleeves we recommend the Sleeve Kings USA sleeves not only are these sleeves thicker than standard sleeves they also contain 110 sleeves a pack so you only need one pack.  These are available at: