Marvel Crisis Protocol, Cosmic Terrain Pack.

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There is now even more terrain, but this time it’s out of this world! (Wow that was cheesy) you get to
assemble your terrain and then paint it to your taste.
This pack includes a host of highly detailed miniatures terrain so that you can create the perfect cosmic
landscape for your super powered showdowns across the galactic worlds of the Marvel Universe.

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1 Tethered Node
1 Untethered Node
2 Signs
4 Lights
8 Barricades

We can hope to expect more cosmic terrain in the future with hopefully vehicles included as well as more play mats. It’s great to have more choice of battle locations, and not all of us have the time , space or technical knowhow to scratch build sets, so hopefully we will soon see Wakanda, Planet Hulk, Latveria, Asgard and the many other places where we can expend our imaginations.

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