Tapestry board game

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I think this is the best games that has come out for a while, Stonemaier Games and its reputation for bringing
out well developed, well rounded, clever and yet fun games has done it again. There are many elements
to this game which are all beautifully designed, including the delightfully painted buildings.

This is a civilization game where you are all trying to further your own civilization and gain more victory
points than the other players. There are a lot of ways to gain victory points through the use of the four
advancement tracks (Science, Military, exploration and technology) you also start with one of the
sixteen Civilization Mats and one of the six Capital city mats.

Your first turn is just gaining Resources, then you take turns using those to move along the
Advancement track. With the use of Tech cards and Tapestry cards you can tell the unique story of your
Civilization as you discover new land (land tiles) and take control of the lands around you (yes, you can
take control of lands that your opponent has.) You can take the Tech route and discover new tech and
gain the bonuses from them. You can even make the leap into space.

I was surprised at just how much fun this game is, the only critique I have is that the instruction book is a
little confusing, but thanks to the age that we live in I watched a how to play video from “Watch it
Played” and this helped me understand the rule book better.

Tapestry board game is by Stonemaier Games for 1-5 players age 12+
and can be ordered on our website at: https://www.bgextras.co.uk/tapestry-board-game-i3964.htm