Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks Second and sixth Doctor expansion

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This expansion adds so much to the game, it adds to more players so now you can play with up to six
people. If you don’t want to play with that big a group, no worries, as it adds more choice of which
Doctor you play as. It also adds more companions, more equipment cards, Dilemma cards and more
locations, all these are connected to the 2nd and 6th Doctors.

For those big fans of Doctor Who the new companions are;
Sabalom Glitz:
1st appeared in 1986 as a mercenary from the Planet Salostophus. Played by Tony Selby. Companion to
6 th and 7 th Doctor
1st appeared in 1986 as Sabalom Glitz henchman. Dibber was Played by Glen Murphy.
Ben Jackson:
1st appeared in 1966 as a seaman in the Royal Navy. Was played by Michael Craze. Companion to the 1 st
and 2 nd Doctor.
Polly Wright:
1st appeared in 1966, played by Anneke Wills. She was a companion to the 1 st and 2 nd Doctors
Jamie McCrimmon:
1st appeared in 1966. Played by Frazer Hines. He plays a piper from a 18 th century Scottish clan of
Mclaren. Companion to the 2 nd Doctor.
Peri Brown:
1st appeared in 1984. An American college student. Played by Nicola Brown. Companion to the 5 th and 6 th
Victoria Waterfield:
1st Appeared in 1967. Played by Deborah Watling. Companion to the 2 nd Doctor.
H.G. Wells:
1st appeared in 1985. Author. Played by David Chandler. Companion to 6 th Doctor.
Zoe Heriot:
1st appeared in 1968. An astrophysicist. Companion to the 2 nd Doctor.
Bill Potts:
1st appeared in 2017. Played by Pearl Mackie. Companion to the 12 th Doctor.

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