Extras for Lords of Waterdeep

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Mini Meeples

The only problem I had with the game is that the resource cubes don’t look anything like humanoid and when collecting them it can be easy to forget that it is adventurers that you are collecting. I replaced my cubes with mini meeples and was amazed at what a difference this made to gameplay. It now felt more like you were gathering people not just objects. I chose the simple mini meeple set that is just in the four colours of the cubes (orange, white, black and purple)

Character Meeples

There are also sets that have more shape and are painted to look their part and come as a mix of males and females, great if you want to have that something extra to your gaming experience.


You can also replace your cardboard money with metal coins of the same type. They are of a beautiful quality and there is nothing that feels as good in a game as coins that actually clink when you play them and have that solid feel that only comes with metal coins.

Organiser and game Crate

You can get an organiser to help keep all your game bits in order and to speed up set up and set down time. It also stores all the Scoundrels of Skullport expansion pieces. You can also go all out and get a full on game crate to keep your game in, if you look after your game will look after you. The organize

If there is a game that is worthy of pimping up, it is this one!
You can find all of these at: https://www.bgextras.co.uk/waterdeep-extras-c258.htm