Viscounts of the West Kingdom expansions

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Now the extra bits to the West Kingdom saga are here, are they worth the wait I hear you ask,  of course they are! First up is lovely collector’s box to keep the Viscounts set in has four extra hero cards, four outsider cards and four chest tile cards. All of which add to the depth and playability of the game, and Who doesn’t like more choice in their play.
The box also has great storage space in it and looks wonderful next to the other two games of the series Architects and Paladins this is a wonderful set of games where each game plays so differently and yet can be joined with Tombsaga to make one heck of a kick backside game (family friendly version.)
Keepers of the Keys is a new expansion for the amazing Viscounts of the west kingdom set. This rises the tension in West Kingdoms even more. There are even more plots to keep an eye on, more alliances happening withing the likeminded officials, while others seek secrets and treasures that are hidden around in the castle walls. The question all ask is, how long will you stay loyal before you take your future in your own hands. If you do go rogue, what are you going to add to this already murky environment.
This is a great expansion that adds so much to Viscounts of the West Kingdom. As well as so much to yours and everyone else’s game play. In total it adds:  20 new townsfolk cards, 20 new townsfolk hero cards, 12 new starting townsfolk cards, 5 new player cards, 1 new aI scheme card, 3 new public building tokens, 3 new public building cards, 18 chest tiles, 5 manuscripts, 1 rule book
With the Gates of Gold expansion you have to ask yourself who do you trust, the King has opened the gates of the City to open up more trade and let more people see the splendour of the mighty traders that live here. Even with the kings edict you have to ask who you trust of the once enemy forces as you have to keep the peace here. So of the many peoples who used to attack this City who do you trust to enter and leave to their  hearts content. Do they truly desire the peace and quiet that abides here. Or as seams the case do they have devious intensions. We must decide who must stay and who must leave, which is hard when the King has opened the city gates.
This expansion adds:  28 new townsfolk cards, 5 hero townsfolk cards
24 outsider cards, 24 King’s order cards, 1 AI reference card, 12 builder bonus cards, 6 castle leader cards, 4 manuscripts,  1 rulebook
I like the West Kingdom games and will highly recommend any add on’s that will make this game even better. then the original.
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