Unfinished business expansion for Star Wars Outer Rim

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This expansion adds a lot to the game for your money, as hyper lanes through the Core Worlds adds a lot of playability to a very already playable game. Outer Rim is a game of bounty hunters, mercenaries and Smugglers and with them it is a great game of trying to raise money, upgrade your ship and have plenty of fun while doing it but with this expansion it becomes even better.
The expansion adds:  2 Core World Endcaps.  8 character standees (with 8 plastic stands).  91 encounter cards.  45 market cards.  8 character cards.  6 ship sheets.  52 databank cards.  21 AI cards.  4 reference cards.  8 ambition sheets.  3 dice.  4 debt tokens.  11 orange contact tokens.  4 10,000 credit tokens.  4 damage tokens.   12 goal tokens.
The new ships are Xanadu Blood, Punishing One, Scourge, Outrider, Aerie, and the Ghost. These are well known and well loved ships with a hearty back The new characters are Maz kanata, Hondo Ohnaka, Hera Syndulla, Enfys Nest, Dengar, Chewbacca, Cad Bane, Black Krrsantan. All these are well loved and well known characters from the books, TB, animation and movies.
The idea is to earn more than your opponents. This is a great game of exploration with lots of fun along the way. With Outer Ring there is so much to explore and you can get the ships of your opponents. With the new characters you can now play as Hondo and have a game where you can steal another players cargo and take it to its origin delivery but others can attack and take your cargo from your ship adding a whole new element.