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Wingspan has been one of the beat games to come out in recent years. There are a lot of gamers who enjoy pimping there games and this is a good one to pimp. I have already written about some of them, here are a few more.


Large Deluxe Bird Nest. (Egg holder)

Wingspan Extras Board Games

Ever wondered how you can make your game play even better? Well these make a huge difference. Using a realistic bird nest (or two in my case as they hold the eggs better and you can put one at each end of the table) with the egg tokens being so artistically shaped and coloured, they look so good in the nests. You’ll be the envy of the games club.


3d Printed Bird Houses (replacements for the action tokens and 1st player marker)

If you are like me and been looking at a replacement for the action cubes but have been put of by the £100 price tag for the wooden birds below, then these might be right up your street. There are eight each in Five different designs and colours of these 3d bird houses. 3d printing is now so crisp and clean, compared to how it used to be. They are paintable, which gives you the chance to make your game even more unique.


Deluxe North America Wingspan Birds (replacements for the action tokens and 1st player marker)

Wingspan Extras Board Games

The game comes with plastic cube action tokens and a cardboard first player marker. If you want to enhance the game play you can do so, this is one of the most popular replacements for them. With these beautiful, wooden, painted tokens. Eight each of five different design of North American birds. You can make the game that much more elegant and beautiful than it already is, and it is already a very beautiful game.


The bids in this set are as follows;

American Goldfinch (x8)

American White Pelican (x8)

Bald Eagle (x8)

Baltimore Oriole (x8)

Barn Owl (x8)

Blue Jay (x8)

Canada Goose (x8)

Northern Cardinal (x8)

Pileated Woodpecker (x8)

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird (x8)


Large First Player Token: Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher (x1)


Deluxe European Wingspan Birds (replacements for the action tokens)

Wingspan Extras Board Games

If you would rather have European birds instead of North American as a replacement for your action tokens, it is now possible. The birds in this collection are 8 each of Eurasian Nuthatch, European Robin, Turtle Dove, Great Tit, Mute Swan, Common Kingfisher, Griffon Vulture, Bullfinch, Little Owl and Grey Heron. All these are beautifully made in wood.


Double Sided Upgraded Goal Board

Wingspan Extras Board Games

There are not many faults with the game designed parts, but the Goal Board is the main one. Although it is double sided and does the job it isn’t exactly pretty. This replacement board is definitely the bees knees. It has a beautiful picture on each side. It also is bigger, which means you can use replacement action tokens like the American and European wooden bird tokens or the 3d plastic bird box tokens.

This is a replacement I would highly recommend.


Food Add On for the replacement food tokens

Wingspan Extras Board Games

Already got the replacement food tokens? This is a set of 40 wooden tokens to top up your tokens to stop you running out of any type of food. These are as beautiful as they are tactile.

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