Cthuluh Wars expansions part 1 player factions

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There are a lot of expansions for Cthulhu Wars. Rather than try and cover them in 1 big blog, we are going to seperate them out into two blogs. This first one deals with the player factions, i.e. those that you can choose to play with. Cthuhlu Wars is one of the most expensive games, and its expansions are not cheap so hopefully this will help you choose which faction to add to your game (depending on whether you want a fun easy one, or a more complicated one (we all know some smart Alec who thinks three turns ahead of everyone else. If you don’t, then it’s a good chance you’re that smart Alec!)


This is not an easy faction to play as to get your spell books takes a bit more time and tactics. You can use hibernate to add +1 power to your total number of points for each Old One you have in power (you can’t exceed double your current power in doing so) you can perform no more actions in your current action phase. You then add your current points to your next gather phase so if you have a quiet round you can have a very active round next turn. This is a very strong faction later in the game, with very powerful monsters in the form of Gnoph Keh.
You have six Acolytes, spawn cost 1, combat points 0
Wendigo; x 4, spawn cost 1, Combat points 1
Gnoph Keh x 4, spawn cost is the amount of them in your pool of units awaiting deployment. Combat
points 3
There are two Great Old Ones
Rhan-Tegoth spawn cost 6, combat points 3
He has a power called eternal which if used properly can be very powerful.
Ithaqua (the god of outer space) spawn cost 6, combat points is half the Doom track (rounded up) of
your opponent. He is usually the last old one to wake but as you also have Rhan-Tegoth this isn’t such a
problem and once he is in play he has a power called Ferox, which once he is in play means that other
players monsters can’t capture your Acolytes (they can still be captured by the Old Ones)

Sleeper Faction

This faction is fun to play, as you can call up monsters spawn from under the ground for no cost, wizards that can teleport to the enemy players Faction Card and paralyse their special abilities. You also have the Formless Spawn.
Acolytes x 6, spawn cost 1, combat points 0
Wizard x 2, spawn cost 1, combat points 0
Serpent man x3, spawn cost 2, combat points 1
Formless Spawn x 4, spawn cost 3, combat points equals the total on rolled dice one dice for every
Formless Spawn in play and an extra one if Tsathoggua is in play.
There is one Great Old One
Tsathoggua spawn cost 8, combat points is the other players current power or two, whichever is

Opener of the Way

This faction is powerful and with powerful spells that can change fortunes and upset the game. Yog-Sothoth (the Cosmic Horror) can change the laws of reality this shown very strongly with his Million Favoured Ones. This ability allows free unit promotion after battle, which means that a Cultists (Acolyte) can become a Mutant, Mutants can become Abominations, Abominations become Spawn of Yog-Sothoth and Spawn of Yog-Sothoth can become as many Mutants as there are in your spawn pool.
Acolytes x6, spawn cost 1, combat points 0
Mutant x4, spawn cost 2, combat points 1
Abomination x 3, spawn cost 3, combat points 2
Spawn of Yog-Sothoth x2, spawn cost 4, combat points 3
There is one Great Old One
Yog-Sothoth spawn cost 6, combat points equals the total enemy faction Great Old Ones in play times


This is an interesting faction to play, a good choice if you like to play a more diplomatic game (our players who think several goes ahead). You are a Human oriented faction and you don’t have a Great Old One. You also can Build a Cathedral which might help your play. If you build all four you may awaken an independent Great Old One.
Acolytes x6, spawn cost 1, combat points 0
Un-men x 3, spawn cost 3 (festival turns this to zero) combat points 0
Reanimated x 3, spawn cost 4 (brainless turns this to one) combat points 2
Yothans (Terror) x3, spawn cost 6 (Extinction turns this to three) combat points 7
Cathedral (building) x 4, spawn cost 3 (if built adjacent to another cathedral this turns to 1)

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