The Broken Token Firefly Crate

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This Crate adds a lot to the gaming experience, as well as speeding up set up and set down by having handy removable trays for the tokens, it helps with the one flaw in this otherwise amazing game, Space (not outer space but physical table space) Let’s be honest once set up it takes up a lot of space on the table, the ‘Verse’ may be vast but our tables usually aren’t. It is worse if you have all the expansions (which anyone with any sense has) with both extra bits of board and even more card decks that need room for both themselves and their discard pile, it becomes a bit bigger than most peoples dining room tables. The Big Damn Crate fixes this by giving vertical storage for your decks during play by stacking the removable deck storage compartments in the order that best suits you (a bit like a Pidgeon hole system) so that they aren’t taking up anywhere as much space as they normally do. There is room for the cards to be sleeved as well and it is designed to hold all the current expansions with a little room left over. It also has removable trays for your ships which will help protect them (especially useful if you have painted them)

It does need to be self assembled, but with a bit of wood glue a soft rubber mallet and a few brackets you are ready to go. If you aren’t that confident of your DIY skills, most of us have someone we know who is happy to give a hand if needed.

In short the Big Damn Crate is a great idea for, vastly reducing setting up and setting down times, for protecting your game and for greatly reducing table space needed for play.
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