Agricola Expansion

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The 17th century was not an easy time to be a farmer, so bring more friends!

This expansion for the popular connoisseur’s game lets up to 6 farmers develop their farms! Lots of wood, additional farmyard boards, room tiles and food markers, 48 new occupations, 8 additional major improvements, and 4 Scotland themed promo cards breathe new life into the game! Agricola – finally playable with five and six players

The new squares include a building supply square giving you food, wood or clay and reed or stone.  A farming supplies square allowing you to by a grain and or a field for a food.  There is of course an extra family growth square and house building square as well as a resource market, occupation square.

Note this is for the revised Mayfair Games edition (2016) and is available here

wooden food tokensWhile the game now comes with wooden tokens representing the animals, crops and building resources, there are still no wooden tokens for the food.  This is where Mayday Games come to the rescue with their food tokens available here

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