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The Card CaddyBoard Game Extras have brought The Card Caddy to the UK for the first time and we are delighted that the designer of this product has written the following on it:

Tired of that old rubber band around your deck of cards?  What about when the discard piles fall over or slide around when you’re ready to play? Thanks to a new product – The Card Caddy – you won’t have to worry about dog-eared cards or disorderly draw piles anymore.  The Card Caddy is both a case for your playing cards – it securely snaps shut and stays closed so you can store and safely carry your cards, but then easily pops open into a discard tray so you can play a game anytime, anyplace.

Made by a gamer, for gamers, The Card Caddy has a lot of features that appeal to a wide variety of users.  It’s great for parents and people with kids on the go since it provides a portable, interactive alternative to sitting them down in front of the phone or tablet.  With a Card Caddy in your purse, backpack or glove box, you can spend quality time with friends and family while waiting at the restaurant, sitting at the doctor’s office, on the plane or on the train.  For theThe Card Caddy Multiple decks serious table top gamer, it has some extra uses to enhance your game.  If you have a game with multiple draw/discard piles, you can join multiple Card Caddies together to keep all of those piles straight.  If you need to keep track of your discard history, The Card Caddy’s design allows you to spread out the pile from the side, as well keep them stacked up traditionally. Plus, it will fit sleeved cards for those of you that want to fully protect your cards. The circular opening in the face allows you to see your cards and helps to pop open the case when it’s closed.  Plus, you can snap-in a token or chip to fully personalize your Card Caddy.

Right now, The Card Caddy is available in the single decker version which will fit a standard playing card deck, or up to 40 double sleeved collectible or trading cards. In the summer of 2016, there will be double decker and triple decker’s available which will hold up to 75 and 100 double sleeved cards respectively. And then, to further enhance your gaming experience, The Card Caddy will start producing snap-on accessories like storage boxes, score pads and more (maybe dice towers and casino-style card shoes).  These accessories will snap on to any sized Card Caddy, allowing you to fully customize your gaming experience. Available here.

Written by Chris Nichols, designer at

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