Power Grid

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power grid board gameThe object of Power Grid is to supply the most cities with power when someone’s network gains a predetermined size. Players mark pre-existing routes between cities for connection, and then vie against other players to purchase the power plants that you use to supply the power. However, as plants are purchased, newer more efficient plants become available so you’re potentially allowing others to access to superior equipment merely by purchasing at all. Additionally, players must acquire the raw materials, like coal, oil, garbage, or uranium, to power said plants(except for the highly valuable ’renewable energy’ wind/solar plants),making it a constant struggle to upgrade your plants for maximum efficiency while still retaining enough wealth to quickly expand your network to get the cheapest routes.

In a typical Power Grid session there will be tension ratcheting at every turn. You will need to calculate and plan for the first turn on. You’re striving for efficiency, but you also have to be aware of what everyone else in the game is doing. Does it make sense to buy that oil plant when there is 4 already in play? Should I buy just enough to power my plant this turn or buy extra for the next turn? Where should I build my cities? Even the minor decisions can have big consequences.Power Grid board

We also have a great range of extras which are ideal for Power Grid, such gas, coal, oil barrel, uranium and trash can tokens. An energy box which is filled with 168 custom made energy tokens. A plastic box for your Power Grid money which still fits neatly in the game box. Also card sleeves to keep your cards in good condition and extra player sets in 6 different colours allowing you to play in your favourite colour or with an extra player.

Power Grid can be played with between 2-6 players with the recommended age of 13yrs+. The average playing time for this game is 90 minutes. Available Here

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