Power Grid: The Stock Companies

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Power Grid gameThe expansion Power Grid: The Stock Companies offers players a completely new game experience, specifically three new ways to play either Power Grid or Power Grid Deluxe. In the main game (The Stock Companies) as shareholders, the players want to get control over different stock companies so they can gain the greatest wealth. In addition, this expansion offers two additional variants. They are:

  • The Biggest Electricity Distributors – Within this variant, the players act as shareholders and try to get shares of the most successful companies. These are the companies who supply electricity to the most cities.
  • The Competition of the Private Companies – Within this second variant, the players will control their private stock companies and try to establish them successfully on the electricity market. They will be selling shares of their own companies to get more cash and they are able to buy shares of other players companies. By doing this they can earn a portion of other players’ success

If you own all Power Grid maps and the expansion New Power a Plants, you will be open to 222
power grid board new possibilities with this expansion to play Power Grid and Power Grid Deluxe. The rules for this expansion are based on module 9 “Shares” of the game 504. As 504 is a modular game system, we are able to take that module and mix it with Power Grid. The results are three different options to play this expansion. For the main game, we focused on the first option of the shares module, so you will discover a lot of surprises. Both variants are a little bit closer to the well-known Power Grid experience; they are for gamers who want to experiment with the game system.

Power Grid: The Stock Companies is perfect to play with 2-6 players ages 13 or older and can be played within an average time of about 120 minutes.Available Here

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