Stone Age: Expansion Pack

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stone age board game expansionYour family is fed. You have a roof over your head. You’ve succeeded in building a civilization
that will prosper for eternity. But have you seen the latest fashion? The prehistoric players have already learned how to build huts and hunt food. Now they sit around the fire, gaze in wonder at the tribal matriarch, and wonder how they can look as good as her.

In this expansion for Stone Age board game, style is the goal as ornaments and jewellery (represented by teeth) become part of the game – not to mention a merchant to handle such items. Players can now transform their raw materials into jewellery and other adornments. You can use the jewellery obtained to buy powerful new buildings and stock up on civilisation cards (with 9 new cards added into this expansion pack). Jewellery can be traded for resources (and vice versa) using the benefits gained from the merchant track. The players acquire jewellery at the hunting grounds and at the merchant, a new building in the village. But please know, jewellery isn’t a resource or food and is worth no points at the end of the game.

There are a bunch of new components within this expansion, not to mention components that stone age board game expansion contentsallow game play with up to five Stone Age hunter-gatherers! The addition of an extra player makes the experience a lot more challenging for all players involved. For example, players are often forced to take whatever resources, cards etc. they can get instead of what they might want.

To begin the game, each player chooses a colour and places 1 large marker of his colour on space 0 of the scoring track (top left), 1 small marker on space 0 of the agriculture track (bottom left) and 1 small marker on space 0 of the merchant track (to the right of the agriculture track). After, each player takes 1 player board, on which he places 5 wooden figures in his colour, 12 food and 1 tooth as his personal supply. The game is otherwise set up according to the rules of the base game. All rules of the base game still remain in effect so players of the original game will feel right at home. The game would then come to an end when, at the beginning of a round, there are not enough Civilization cards to replenish the 5 Civilization card spaces, or 1 or more building piles are empty.

This game is perfect for between 2-5 players, aged 13+ and will be able to be played in around 90 minutes. It takes the game to a slightly deeper level, but not one that is overbearing or difficult to grasp. It still plays well as a family oriented game, but gives heavier gamers some new territory to explore. Now it is up to you to use these new possibilities, or the old ones (because retro is totally in these days), to build a village worth talking about…

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