Firefly: Shiny Dice

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Fire Fly: Shiny Dice Board GameThe exciting adventures of the Firefly ship Serenity continue in Firefly: Shiny Dice from Upper Deck, launched at Gencon. Join Captain Malcolm Reynolds and the rest of the crew of the Serenity as you take on the ship’s most dangerous adversaries.

This game has a total of three rounds to be played and whoever has the most points at the end wins the game. The rounds consist of rolling 15 dice and placing them on your display after any rerolls that you have from crew members or passengers.  In each round, each player takes one or more turns. On your first turn in a round, you roll all fifteen dice seven crew dice (brown), three passenger dice (white), and five bad guy dice (black) then place them in the appropriate places on your display. Crew members and passengers all have unique abilities, some of which involve the option of rerolling dice. After you place your dice you then reveal your mission, if you’re lucky and have dice matching your mission then you skip the risk of having to do what the text on the cards says that has you ending your turn in this round, forcing you to go again or effect you in some other way.

Within this game there will also be 38 mission cards all containing images and quotes from the Firefly shiny dice contents
show. Mission cards have details of particular missions that players are tasking with completing each turn. If you complete the missions you will receive rewards such as Victory Points (VP), bonuses to help you take out the foes and supplies. Completing missions also gives you the chance to “keep flying” and risk what you’ve won in exchange for another turn.

You can then use any remaining crew and passenger dice to defeat the bad guys after this which generally requires one point of damage to defeat. Remove them all, and you score 1 VP for each type of bad guy defeated, with half-points for each supply delivered; fail to remove them, and you score no points for the defeated bad guys. If you clear the turn, you can choose to take another turn, rolling all the bad guy dice and all undefeated crew and passenger dice, or end your turn. However, if you choose to continue and fail to defeat the bad guys then you’ll love all the VP that you have earned previously on that turn.

Play as the crew of the Serenity as you complete mission objectives. Do you press your luck for great rewards or risk losing it all to the Alliance? Get a mission, try to complete it and make money while trying not to get caught. Shiny Dice will play 1 – 4 players with an average playing time of around 30 minutes.

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