Star Wars Imperial Assault Twin Shadows Expansion

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Star Wars Assault Twin Shadows ExpansionInvestigate a growing imperial presence in Twin Shadows, the first box expansion for Star Wars Imperial Assault.  It expands the Campaign and Skirmish games. In Campaign mode Han Solo has been sent, along with R2-D2 and C-3PO, to investigate a growing Imperial Presence on Tatooine. However all communication contact with Han Solo has been cut off and seems he has disappeared. You’ll need to send in your elite Rebel operatives to further investigate and uncover the Imperial’s plot whilst rescuing Han Solo.

The expansion certainly brings plenty of new content to the base game with six new missions that will keep you and your friends entertained for many an hour. The missions can be played as either side missions for a larger campaign or brought together to form a mini-campaign. For the Rebel Alliance two new heroes are introduced – Biv Bodhrik and Saska Teft and for the Empire two new heavy forces – Heavy Stoomtroopers and Tusken Raiders! Star Wars Assault Twin Shadows CardsThere are new Command, Agenda, Condition, Class and Supply cards. Plus twelve new double-sided map tiles expanding the Star Wars universe.

For the Rebel Alliance – Biv Bodhrik is a fierce guerrilla fighter, competent with any weapon either from long range or in close combat. Not one to be messed with lightly and you will certainly find resourceful when fighting the Imperial forces. Saska Teft is a talented engineer who was born on Tatoonie. She is able to build unique battlefield inventions that will allow the Rebels to increase power of attacks or to increase chances of success in Attribute tests, whilst helping to save her fellow Rebels lives. Her knowledge of Tatoonie will also be invaluable when navigating the murky back streets and may give you the upper hand you need when coming across the Imperial forces.

For the Imperial forces the Heavy Stormtroopers are much better armoured and equipped than the normal ones. This making them harder to kill and can inflict much more damage, which is great when you’re playing as them, not so when against! Of course Tatoonie is well known for hosting the scum and villainy of the galaxy and one of the most fearsome is the Tusken Raiders. They’re very much at home in the desert and know every trick in the book to get the upper hand on their opponents. Not ones to be taken lightly!

Although these fighters will certainly help – the key to winning this expansion will be having great leadership, where there is a new Inspiring Leadership class. This allows your fighters to benefit from your superior battlefield tactics, which are vital if you’re to gain the upper hand on your opponent.  Such tactics will allow you to heal damage making your forces harder to kill, whilst others will allow you to deploy your forces in superior positions giving you the upper hand in battles. This brings a really good new element to the gameplay and the trick will be learning when to best deploy this class, where this will come with experience as you play the game more and more.

In Skirmish mode there are two new missions to battle against a friend through the Mos Eisley cantina – a dimly-lit tavern well known for its strong drinks, hot tunes and shocking outbreaks of violence (as you may recall in the original Star Wars film). Good luck there!

If you enjoyed the base game this expansion adds plenty of different ways to bring new life to it with danger lurking around every corner – certainly keeps you on your toes! This allowing you to continue the fun, adventure and tactical combats within the Galactic Civil War.

Are you ready to uncover the Imperial plot and rescue Han Solo? Pre-order here for late July release

In addition to this expansion are new Ally and Villain Packs (bought separately) that offer detailed plastic figures to use instead of tokens – R2-D2, C-P30, Boba Fett or Stormtrooper commander Kayn Somos. These also bring even more new missions and cards further expanding the base game and this expansion.


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