Star Wars Imperial Assault

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Star Wars Imperial Assault Board GameSet in the midst of the Galactic Civil War in Star Wars, Imperial Assault follows on from the destruction of the Death Star over Yavin 4 (end of the first Stars Wars film). It’s a miniatures game, where you continue the fight between the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire over 2 separate games – Campaign and Skirmish.

  1. Campaign

Star Wars Imperial Assault Board LayoutIn this game the objective is for the Rebel Alliance to try and break the Empire’s hold on the galaxy. Up to 4 players can play as the Rebel Alliance and 1 player plays as the Galactic Empire. Sounds unfair sides? Well perhaps not with the numerous troops and resources that the Galactic Empire has at its disposal compared to the Rebel Alliance. The latter will need to much more strategic and cunning in how they use their limited operatives and resources, otherwise you may run out at a critical time!

Star Wars Imperial Assault FiguresThere’s lots of fun and adventure to be had here via the numerous missions that can be played out along with, no doubt, some of your favourite star wars characters – e.g. helping Luke Skywalker to escape Imperial troops, helping Han Solo and Chewbacca dodge bounty hunters, infiltrating imperial bases etc. There are multiple choices from the dice rolls for you to make strategic decisions from. As the gameplay develops, all players gain new experiences and skills to give them new advantages and tactical options whilst undertaking missions. Plus you could swap sides and play from the other side to mix things up. All meaning no one game the same and plenty of different experiences when playing with friends to get full value from this game.

  1. Skirmish

In this game you and a friend battle between each other head-to-head over conflicting objectives (2 player game). You’ll each pick a side and gather your own strike force and command cards to try and gain the upper hand in tactical battles. Great for when just two of you to have multiple games enjoying the fun and strategic tactical missions, although don’t get too competitive you don’t want to fallout afterwards!!

Ally and Villain Packs

Also included are the Luke Skywalker Ally and Darth Vader Villian Packs that provide sculpted plastic figures of these heroes and villains to use in the above games. Plus bonus missions you can play to extend the fun and adventure of this game.

In summary this game is for 2 to 5 players, ages 14 and upwards, where the playing time is from 1 to 2hrs. Definitely one for fans of the Star Wars films to continue the adventure and tactical combats within the Galactic Civil War. As well as for those that have previously played similar type games like Descent 2, if you particularly like that type of gameplay then you’ll probably like Imperial Assault.

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