Carcassonne Goes Wild West

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Carcassonne Gold RushTime to go gold digging in Carcassonne Gold Rush, the 2nd edition in the “Around the World” series following the South Seas edition. In this world it allows you re-live the time of the Gold Rush in the USA back in the 19th Century. At this time the first railway routes appeared, whilst many explorers went off in the search for gold nuggets. Will get you lucky and strike gold! Players play as cowboys, yee-haw, where they can be gold miners, railwaymen, merchants and farmers as the gameplay dictates. The gameplay is similar to Carcassonne except the Tiles are updated to fit in with the time of the Wild West:

Carcassonne Gold Rush Tiles

  • Railway Tracks – as opposed to roads, where they score the same with the exception of those with a locomotive on it then the scores are doubled
  • Cities – are more like cloisters but work differently in that only 1 tile is required, however all connected railways must be completed to be able to score from your city (providing a meeple has been placed on it as well)
  • Mountains – where the gold is mined, are more like cities. You can either score by completing the mountains by having the most meeples (as you normally would for a city), where you gain the unclaimed gold scoring extra points! Alternatively before completing the mountain you can start claiming some of the gold by placing your tent on it. This requires a mountain tile with a miner’s tent on it to have been placed. However you can place your tent on any tile, including those with existing tents already. You can also later on in the gameplay move your tent to another mountain area, which is great when you’ve run out of meeples just at the wrong time and don’t want to miss out on a lucrative opportunity!
  • Prairies – allowing your farmers to score points for Indian Camps and Wild Horses (double points)

Fans of the Carcassonne series should find this a great edition to play with the added fun and adventure of digging for gold! It’s for 2 to 5 players, ages 8 and upwards, where the average playing time is 30 mins.

Will you strike it rich? Available here


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