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USS Defiant - Star Trek Attack Wings Wave 1Here we take a look at the Wave 1 Expansion ships released for the Star Trek Attack Wing Miniatures.  There is no need to have any of the ships from Wave 0 to make use of these.  From this expansion it introduces the mighty Jem’ Hadar in to the mix of the ships, as well as the formidable Defiant from the Deep Space 9 series. These ships enable you to expand the gameplay with new captains (such as Benjamin Sisko) and upgrade cards. As well as more ways to customise your attacking and defending options with a variety of weapons, shields, manoeuvres and other features as you play out new missions.

Just as you can with the Wave 0 expansion – you are able to mix and match ships with different captains, where for instance you could have a Federation ship with a Romulan captain!! That certainly makes things more interesting and fun when playing with friends. These ships can either be controlled by 1 player on each side, or players can team up controlling one or more ships each, thus allowing more people to join the action.

There are 4 packs in the Wave 1 expansion each with their own unique abilities and key features:

  • USS Defiant - Star Trek Attack Wings Wave 1USS Defiant – this nimble Federation ship more than packs a punch with Quantum Torpedoes and takes a leaf out of the Romulan book with cloaking ability! As well as featuring Benjamin Sisko – Jadzia Dax, Kira Nerys, Miles O’Brien and Worf are featured with this expansion ship. In one of the new missions available you can even team up with the USS Enterprise in James T. Kirk’s timeline in Trials & Tribble-ations – good luck!
  • Jem' Hadar - Star Trek Attack Wings Wave 1Jem’ Hadar Patrol Ship – this 5th Wing Patrol ship adds the genetically bred Jem’ Hadar into the gameplay. These ships caused the Federation to bring out the USS Defiant to match their nimbleness and deadly firepower – Photon Torpedoes and Phased Polaron Beam! The Vorta are featured as commanders to the ship – Weyoun and Lauran, along with the Jem’ Hadar – Omet’iklan, Toman’torax and Virak’kara. With their moto “Victory is Life” you can also run suicide attacks giving an added edge when fighting the Federation.
  • IRW Praetus Romulan - Star Trek Attack Wings Wave 1I.R.W Praetus – from the Romulan fleet with cloaking ability, not just for the ship, for its mines as well! This allowing it to leave a lethal minefield of cloaked mines for unsuspecting ships to be caught up in this. Beware whilst cloaking, shields are down, however the ship does have Polarised Hull Plating to give some added protection against attacks. The ship features the captain Valdore who gives a longer firing range – could come in handy.
  • I.K.S Kronos One - Star Trek Attack Wings Wave 1I.K.S Kronos One – from the Klingon fleet with very effect offensive capabilities – Photon Torpedoes (seems to be a common theme!) and Concussive Charges, which can offset opponents cloaking abilities! This ship features captains Chang and Gorkon, each with their own unique special abilities. Chang able to disable opposing ships in attacks, whilst Gorkon can “sue for peace” giving breathing space when in combat situations.

I’m sure you’ll agree – quite an exciting range of ships that will only bring further life to Star Trek Attack Miniatures. Each expansion ship can be purchased separately so you can just buy your favourite ones – available here

Note the original starter set is required to play this game.

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