Expand Star Trek Attack Wing Miniatures with Wave 0 Ships (part 1)

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For those that enjoy playing Star Trek Attack Wing Miniatures and with the release of Wave 3 ships we thought we would take a step back and look at what you might have missed from the Wave 0 ships. These expansion packs give you the opportunity to expand the gameplay with new fighter ships, captains (like Khan Singh from Star Trek II and General Martok from Deep Space 9) and upgrade cards. Plus further ways to customise your attacking and defending options with a variety of weapons, shields, new manoeuvres and other features as you play out new missions.

Star Trek Attack Wing Wave 0 Ships

You are even able to mix and match ships with different captains, where for instance you could have a Federation ship with a Klingon captain!! That certainly makes things more interesting and fun when playing with friends. Whereby these extra ships can either be controlled by 1 player on each side, or players can team up controlling one or more ships each, thus allowing more people to join the action.

There are 8 packs in the Wave 0 expansion each with their own unique abilities and key features. In this blog we’ll be covering 4 of them here from the Federation and Klingon Empire:

  • USS Reliant Pack available from Board Game ExtrasUSS Reliant Pack – is a Federation Miranda-Class starship devoted to science and scouting missions. As featured in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, where Khan Singh commandeered the vessel in an effort to escape his imprisonment and to then exact his long awaited revenge on James T. Kirk. Not as heavyweight starship as its counterpart the USS Enterprise – still an able starship in battle and when needing to escape battle! Available to buy here
  • USS Enterprise available from Board Game ExtrasUSS Enterprise Pack – is a Federation Constitution Class starship to boldly go where no man has gone before. This is the legendary ship flown by James T. Kirk in the TV series and films (Christopher Pike is also available as a captain having previously flown it). This starship is able to take on most ships encountered with superb firepower and impressive shields to defend against attacks, whilst still being fairly nimble in its manoeuvrability. Available to buy here
  • IKS Groth Pack available from Board Game ExtrasI.K.S Gr’oth Pack – is a Klingon D7 battlecruiser know for acts of subterfuge and the testing of new technology with weapon capability to disable warp drives and paralyse vital systems of enemy ships. It can be famously remembered as the Klingon starship that had issues with Tribbles as featured in the original series and on Deep Space 9.  Available to buy here
  • IKS Nega Var Pack available from Board Game ExtrasI.K.S Nega Var E Pack – is a Klingon warship, the largest of their fleet size and is their flagship of the Klingon Imperial Fleet. Often featured with General Martok in the Deep Space 9 TV Series. For its size it’s a surprisingly manoeuvrable ship. Watch out when fighting this ship as due to its massive fire power it’s able to target your ship’s shield generators in order to facilitate a boarding action against you. Available to buy here

For more ships from the Romulan Empire and also the Dominion Allies: Cardassians and Breen watch out for our next blog soon.

Note the original starter set is required to play this game.


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